CLICO and IronNet Cybersecurity Inc. form distribution partnership in Central and Eastern Europe


CLICO announces today that it is a Value-Added Distributor with IronNet, the leading provider of network detection and response (NDR) and Collective Defense. With this agreement, CLICO enriches its security portfolio with IronNet’s platform designed to detect and prevent the most advanced and difficult-to-detect cyberattacks that continue to plague organizations across public and private sectors.

CLICO—the largest value-added distributor with 100% Polish capital—since 1991 has been effectively introducing and promoting innovative solutions of global market leaders in Poland and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe. In the first quarter of 2021, CLICO finalized the contract with IronNet Cybersecurity and introduced to its distribution portfolio NDR (Network Detection and Response) capabilities based on IronDefense, ensuring network traffic analysis and cutting-edge cyber defense detection to discover both known and unknown cyber threats, allowing a more thorough approach to network security. In addition, through IronNet’s IronDome solution, our portfolio companies can access Collective Defense capabilities—the first automated solution that links organizations together within a common defense architecture. For the first time, companies can gain relevant, situational awareness of cyberattacks happening in their industry, supply chain or nation, and address those threats collectively.

“Adversaries assume that their attacks target companies, agencies and governments that are isolated from each other. This is common in all industries, and especially true within a supply chain—the company is under attack and lacks the resources to protect itself as a single entity. However, if these companies joined forces, they could detect attacks, prioritize incidents and at the same time share threat intel amongst each other, therefore gaining a significant advantage over organized cybercriminals and the overall effectiveness of cybersecurity investments. The creation of such an ecosystem is the main mission of IronNet, which solutions are already available in CLICO distribution portfolio, and we are very happy to bring this mission to Central and Eastern European companies and nations”, says Jarosław Bukała, Security Consultant at CLICO.

"The CLICO-IronNet partnership represents a powerful combination that will help more European organizations and countries detect and prevent sophisticated and damaging nation-state level cyberattacks," said IronNet Vice President of Sales, Justin Coker. "These types of attacks are extremely stealthy, difficult to detect and very damaging to companies’ reputation and bottom line. It is through IronNet’s vision of Collective Defense that CLICO and its portfolio companies can now provide an effective way to detect and respond to advanced, unknown cyberattacks, and share and receive proactive attack intel from other networks so organizations can more proactively protect themselves."

The mission of IronNet in threat protection is to stop attacks from occurring, not to analyze them after they have happened. In order to stop such attacks, they must first be detected in the network traffic. When an adversary enters the network successfully, it is important to deploy advanced behavior-based analytics, machine learning and AI to identify the threat behavior in the early stages of the attack, restore the operation of the organization and control potential costs and losses.

IronNet solutions provide deep visibility of network traffic thanks to the IronDefense network detection and response solution, which uses machine learning and AI to analyze the behavior elements of each incident at machine speed and in real time. The results of this analysis can be shared through the IronDome ecosystem and correlated among the members of that particular IronDome community (e.g., in a specific industry sector or at the national level). All data shared through IronDome is anonymized and all data privacy elements are stripped out in order to comply with GDPR and privacy regulations.

The CLICO distribution contract with IronNet is valid in Poland and in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.