Rubrik is a revolutionary approach to the protection of critical resources in state-of-the-art, highly virtualized data centers.

The manufacturer delivers a fully integrated data management tool that combines all backup system components (software, servers, proxies, storage, deduplication, etc.) within a single device of 2U size, which significantly simplifies the implementation, configuration and management processes.


Description of technology

Backup & Storage

BACKUP - Thanks to the modular structure (3 or 4 independent servers in each device) and triple data replication, it provides a solution that is not only easy-to-use but, above all, is resistant to failures and linearly scalable. An innovative approach to the recovery process in the event of failure or for testing purposes (Live Mount / Instantly Recover) allows you to immediately launch virtual machines directly on the device, which becomes a virtual repository connected to the virtualizer and gives us instant access to such machine via API. Rubrik is a solution that allows to fully integrate our physical DC with cloud resources (Cloud Data Management), making it simple to archive backups in the cloud, convert already archived copies to virtual instances running in the cloud (Amazon / Azure), and protect cloud instances themselves.

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