Armis is a platform that identifies and monitors the behaviour of the devices of the broadly understood Internet of Things that can only be managed to a limited extent or are completely unmanageable. Armis enables detecting devices that the organization was not aware of, such as: televisions, IP cameras, VoIP phones, as well as employees' private devices, and to assess the risk of their presence on the network. It also makes it possible to catalog medical devices (tomographs, X-rays) or industrial devices (PLCs) which, due to their specifics, are outside the control of IT security teams. Due to a wide range of possible integrations (e.g. Check Point Software Technologies, Aruba Networks, Rapid7), it enables automation of security reactions based on the classification of a given device.


Description of technology

Device visibility

Threat detection and response - detects malicious behavior and provides the incident response for compromised unmanaged devices (i.e. integration with firewalls, switches, etc.)

Visibility and asset inventory - passively monitors all devices on the networks and provides the visibility of managed and unmanaged devices, incl. IoT

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