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BlueCat Networks developed IP Address Management platform and the family of products of secure DNS and DHCP solutions to solve several problems faced by today's business networks. Misconfigured or misallocated IP addresses create complexity and pose security risks. Standard Microsoft Windows®-based DNS and older versions of BIND are inherently insecure. UNIX or Linux-based DNS solutions with BIND are more secure, but require dedicated expertise and are susceptible to syntactical and logical errors. BlueCat Networks family of secure appliances offer the industry-leading IPAM,  DNS, and DHCP solution that solves these issues and securely provisions mission-critical services.


Description of technology

IPAM - IP Address Management

IPAM - BlueCat Networks is a manufacturer of proven, secure and reliable solutions that allow you to control and centrally manage dynamically changing IP infrastructure. BAM (BlueCat Address Manager) — is a powerful tool that allows you to easily manage IP addressing. Thanks to the built-in scanning mechanisms using SNMP, it detects and simplifies the planning of IP addressing, prevents conflicts between IP addresses and provides detailed information on address space. In combination with BDDS (BlueCat DNS / DHCP Server) we get detailed information about the dependencies between devices, users and IP addresses in real time, which enables automating the administration, monitoring and reporting processes while ensuring security and failure-free operation of the network. Both solutions (BAM / BDDS) are available as physical devices or virtual machines and support high availability (xHA) mechanisms of DNS / DHCP services critical for the network operation.

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