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Ucopia offers solutions related to wireless and wired networks access control in the scope of broadly defined guest access.
The products are intended for institutions that want to securely provide access to the Internet with the simultaneous possibility of settling the duration and type of service, as well as storing information on user activity in accordance with EU Directive 2006/24/EC and applicable law. Ucopia's systems allow to automatically charge for using the network (e.g. via PayPal) and servicing hotel guests using the interface with PMS (Property Management System). Solutions are delivered in the form of dedicated network devices (appliance) of various performances, as well as in the form of virtual machine to be installed in the VMWare environment.

The solution has been expanded with functionalities such as WiFi analytics and WiFi marketing.



Description of technology


UCOPIA PROXIMITY MARKETING - WiFi analytics: • Collection and analysis of social and demographic data • User segmentation and usage trends in your network • Export of marketing data WiFi marketing: • New direct communication channel with WLAN clients • Personalized messages sent to users via a Web page

UCOPIA WI-UP - is a solution based on the manufacturer's cloud, in which you can configure the guest portal in less than 5 minutes. The possibility of using more than 50 templates of portal layout and logging in through social networks. Intended to support 30 concurrent users per location.

UCOPIA WIFI-CONNECTIVITY - is a feature-rich solution responding to the needs of companies wanting to provide guest access. The ability to log in using social networks, e.g. Open ID Connect, built-in user database, as well as support for automatic registration of users and online payments. This solution also has a dedicated interface for managing access and user accounts without having full administrator rights for the system. It is available in two versions: Express (up to 250 concurrent users) and Advanced (up to 20,000 concurrent users).

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