ICsec is a leader in the industrial infrastructure security market and since 2018 has been successfully creating cybersecurity ecosystem in Poland, providing solutions that reduce the business risk associated with cyber attacks on industrial networks.

Description of technology

SCADA/OT Security

SCADVANCE XP - fully passive, based on deep traffic analysis and machine learning - SCADVANCE XP solution fits the needs of enterprises that want to protect effectively their OT infrastructure against cyber threats and anomalies that can destabilize the operation of systems. Detects potential incidents by identifying the potential target and possible attack mechanism. Thanks to passive monitoring of communication within the OT network, it does not pose any threats to the stability of the infrastructure operation. Deep packet analysis (DPI) supported by artificial intelligence algorithms allows to monitor both open and closed OT protocols in real time. As a result, those responsible for infrastructure security receive full visibility of the status of devices and connections and can make the right decisions.

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