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Cloud Security - Cloud Security Posture Management

Rapid7’s InsightCloudSec - Compliance reporting based on compliance standards, management of configuration and vulnerabilities in the environment, risk assessmen, a large number of predefined standards and rules, IaaC support and CI / CD implementationsand automation and remedial actions.


RAPID7 INSIGHTIDR - is one of the products available on the Rapid7 Insight platform. It offers functions of a full-fledged SIEM in a cloud version. With such system architecture, it becomes very scalable in terms of the development of the monitored infrastructure and the increase in volume of the processed data. Rapid7 insightIDR — comprehensive UBA solution with SIEM functionality in the cloud. It uses data downloaded directly from firewalls, IPS, user directories and “light” agents located on users' computers. It uses a set of predefined, configurable security rules created by the manufacturer's experts for detecting events.


UEBA (USER AND ENTITY BEHAVIOUR ANALYTICS) - As part of its Insight platform, Rapid7 delivers an UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analytics) tool called InsightIDR. It is a comprehensive system with SIEM functionalities available in a cloud version. It uses data downloaded directly from firewalls, IPS and a unified light client installed on users' computers. Detection of security incidents is based on the analysis of logs and operations performed by users within the network, as well as predefined correlation rules created by Rapid7 security experts.

Vulnerability Management

VULNERABILITY MANAGEMENT - Rapid7 is a vulnerability management solution available in the form of private installation (Nexpose) and cloud version (InsightVM). The vulnerability scanner available as part of the product allows for regular analysis of servers and computers for present vulnerabilities and security gaps. Rapid7 lets you prepare a precise recovery plan together with guiding the security administrators through the process of its implementation and delegating tasks to individual engineers.

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