CLICO — is a specialized, value-added distributor that since 1991 has been effectively introducing and promoting innovative solutions of global market leaders in Poland and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe. In the third quarter of 2022, CLICO finalized the agreement with Vectra and introduced NDR class platform, which is used to monitor and detect threats in IT networks.

“NDR solutions work on the basis of advanced artificial intelligence to provide risk analysis. It can be said to leverage the strengths of machine learning and its virtually unlimited capabilities. Vectra's platform provides continuous, automated network and cloud monitoring to reveal unknown cyber attacks. The software also offers the ability to integrate with a range of third-party solutions, making it capable of not only detecting threats, but also investigating and proactively responding to them. Vectra solutions are already available in the CLICO distribution portfolio and we are very happy to be able to share it with our business partners in the region of Central and Eastern Europe "-  commented Mateusz Gajda, Security Consultant at CLICO.

Vectra Cognito Detect is a solution for detecting and responding to threats in the network. Thanks to the ability to capture and analyze traffic using patented machine learning algorithms, even previously unknown attacks can be identified in real time. The system can collect data from many environments, such as private networks, public cloud or SaaS applications. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it detects and prioritizes advanced threats, and thanks to the possibility of integration with the currently existing third-party solutions, it can also react quickly and effectively.

Christian Putz, Country Manager Eastern Europe & Austria at Vectra AI emphasized the strategic importance of the partnership. The distribution agreement with CLICO is valid throughout Central and Eastern Europe.  “We chose CLICO as our strategic partner because we value the company's proactive approach to distribution, market knowledge and technology expertise. Through this collaboration, organizations in Poland and across CEE gain easier access to Vectra's solution portfolio and the ability to use it to proactively identify and stop potentially dangerous cyber-attacks. This is important as the demand for cyber security solutions is currently very high and growing.”, he pointed out.

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