IronNet Cybersecurity

IronNet solutions provide deep visibility of network traffic thanks to IronDefense product, which allows to analyze each incident in real time. The results of this analysis can be shared through the IronDome ecosystem to notify the entire environment (e.g. in a selected economy sector or at the national level) of similar threats and provide anonymous insight into the collected data.


Description of technology


IRON DEFENSE - is a solution that analyzes real network traffic. In combination with the mechanisms of machine learning, artificial intelligence and behavioral analytics, the solution allows for quick analysis of network behavior and identification of dangerous threats in the form of events. IronDefense solution is built on the experience and expertise of IronNet in prioritizing hazardous incidents to improve the performance of Secucity Oprations Center (SOC). It allows operators to move very quickly from the analysis of the incident to its correct classification, while having quick and direct access to the sources of the incident itself. All this information is available directly in the IronDefense solution.

IRON DOME - is the first on the market automated solution that connects companies from a similar industry, supply chains or geographic regions within a common defense architecture to enable public and private entities to collaborate to strengthen their cyber security. Iron Dome enables secure, anonymous sharing of information about threats, and strengthens the ability to detect and respond to threats in the community of connected entities. IronDefense systems can be linked together to trigger a collective defense. The product uses quick disclosure of information about threats and the latest analytical mechanisms to achieve unprecedented effectiveness in collective defense. The solution built on IronDefense provides real-time insight into emerging threats across the community. Thanks to this approach, IronDome provides the ability to analyze and deal with an attack by any member of the IronDome community, regardless of where the attack occurred. This fact makes IronDome the basic element that enables IronNet to create a collective protection ecosystem.

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