MobileIron is comprehensive EMM (Enterprise Mobile Management) solution operating on multiple architectures (Android, iOS and Windows Phone) that combines three modules:
      • MDM (Mobile Device Management) – manages configurations and security policies of mobile devices. Allows the devices to be remotely locked, selectively purged and have their location pinpointed in case of theft or loss.
      • MAM (Mobile Application Management) – allows supervision of applications installed on mobile devices, remote application installation and removal, and launching independent the company’s app store.
      • MCM (Mobile Content Management) – manages an access to the company’s applications and data from mobile devices. The solution can be connected to LDAP and Microsoft CA to authenticate users. Access to data sets, e.g. Sharepoint, CIFS resources, through own SSL tunnel.


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      MDM - EMM (ENTERPRISE MOBILE MANAGEMENT) SOLUTION - Allows the employees to conduct business tasks from the mobile devices in secure manner. Allows the employees to use private mobile devices (BYOD) in secure manner.

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