SailPoint products allow you to create a coherent and organization-wide policy for managing access to such resources as: data, applications, infrastructure.
Predictive Identity

By using artificial intelligence and machine learning, SailPoint introduces a new generation of access management solutions. It copes even with the most complex applications and data, also in cloud and mixed environments. It learns how the organization works and prepares recommendations for making key decisions on granting permissions. It enables the creation of a role-based access policy coherent for the entire organization and detects access conflicts regarding business processes. Thanks to the possibility of integration with many products, the access management processes can be automated, which makes it faster and resistant to errors.

Identity IQ

Designed for large organizations with a complex structure the solution enables: granular resource access management, access control to AWS cloud resources, integration with leading PAM solutions, eg Cyberark PAS, creating complex scenarios and configurations, available as a solution on-premise or in the cloud.

Identity Now

The solution designed for modern enterprises provides: built-in tool for implementing good identity management practices, easy to use panel for business analysis, portal enabling automation of access demand handling scenarios, integration with leading PAM solutions, eg CyberArk PAS.