Cryptme is the only solution available on the market whose main function is to provide a discrete voice connection that cannot be intercepted (eavesdropped) or recorded digitally or analog. The use is similar to using a regular cell phone. The creation of an additional access terminal is necessary to ensure proper operation. Communication is only possible with a person with a similar set and access to the service.


SentinelOne is a provider of a complete Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution that responds to today's endpoint threats, including ransomware and 0-day attacks. The solution developed by SentinelOne protects employees' computers, servers, virtual machines and containers in the cloud. It covers all stages of risk prevention and incident response — identification of threats and protection, detection and response to incidents and system recovery in the event of a security breach — thus meeting the expectations of SOC and CSIRT / CERT units.


Armis is a platform that identifies and monitors the behaviour of the devices of the broadly understood Internet of Things that can only be managed to a limited extent or are completely unmanageable. Armis enables detecting devices that the organization was not aware of, such as: televisions, IP cameras, VoIP phones, as well as employees' private devices, and to assess the risk of their presence on the network. It also makes it possible to catalog medical devices (tomographs, X-rays) or industrial devices (PLCs) which, due to their specifics, are outside the control of IT security teams. Due to a wide range of possible integrations (e.g. Check Point Software Technologies, Aruba Networks, Rapid7), it enables automation of security reactions based on the classification of a given device.

Opengear (a DIGI company)

Open Gear by Digi is a provider of terminal servers, enabling access to remote network infrastructure when the basic communication method fails (failure or configuration error). Terminal servers allow remote management of distributed network infrastructure without the need to maintain a team of engineers in each branch and also drastically reduces the need for engineers to travel between departments.


Cryptshare AG is a thriving company present on the market since 2000. During this time, it has gained the trust of many customers from 30 countries with over 4 million licensed users. The company operates in the area of secure file storage and file sharing between employees and contractors.


GREYCORTEX is a producer of solution dedicated to network monitoring and detection, based on its work, any anomalies and incidents occurring in IT environments. The company was founded in 2016 and has quickly become one of the leading providers of this type of solutions, as noted by Gartner in their latest report "Representative Vendor in the 2020 Market Guide for Network Detection and Response", focusing on NBA (Network Behavior Analysis) solutions. GREYCORTEX is characterized by innovation, it uses latest technology in the form of advanced AI / ML engines and behavioral models to build its products.

Recorded Future

Recorded Future Security Intelligence Platform is a highly specialized security solution that accelerates the work of SOC by providing an unparalleled amount of knowledge about the cyber threat landscape. The entire product uses advanced data analysis algorithms in both predictable and unstructured formats. In order to enrich the content, Recorded Future uses the patented Natural Language Processing algorithms, which enable the system to be fed in real time with information from, among others, press releases, social media, technical articles, research reports, and numerous hacker forums (dark web). At the same time, the platform monitors and analyzes data from various types of reputation databases, including vulnerability databases, enriching the content with the results of the work of an internal cybersecurity research center called Insikt Group. The Recorded Future technology enables the automatic correlation of data from many sources (over 850,000), precise description of the security status and related problems for over 6 billion entities, and the entire analytical results are presented in an accessible and easy way.


ICsec is a leader in the industrial infrastructure security market and since 2018 has been successfully creating cybersecurity ecosystem in Poland, providing solutions that reduce the business risk associated with cyber attacks on industrial networks.


Scirge provides monitoring and auditing of the passwords used by the employees on business computers while maintaining the highest level of security and confidentiality. It monitors web and cloud applications used by the employees in scope of identifying "Shadow IT", i.e. those applications that are not approved by the organization. With Scirge, organizations can reduce the risk of credential-related threats and avoid many serious security incidents. The scope of control covers any web and cloud applications, including applications used by the employees for private purposes.


SolarWinds is a leader in NPM solutions that provide simple, powerful, and secure software for managing IT infrastructure. No matter the type, size, or complexity of your organization, SolarWinds provides the tools to manage and monitor the performance of your environment whether on-prem or in the cloud or a combination of both. With a wide range of solutions, organizations are better able to understand the challenges they face in maintaining high performance and scalability of their IT infrastructure, which also translates into accelerated business transformation processes.


Vectra Cognito Detect is a solution for detecting and responding to threats occurring on the network. With the ability to capture and analyze traffic using patented machine learning algorithms, even previously unknown attacks can be identified in real-time. The system can collect data from multiple environments, such as private networks, public cloud and SaaS applications. With artificial intelligence, it detects and prioritizes advanced threats, and with the ability to integrate with third-party solutions currently in use, it can also respond quickly and effectively.


Netskope is an American company providing a unified security platform SASE (Secure Access Service Edge), the task of which is to secure user access to various resources and applications, regardless of the location and device from which this access takes place. The platform includes Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Cloud Firewall, Next Generation Secure Web Gateway (SWG) and Private Access for ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) modules. Content security is ensured by detecting advanced security threats and protecting sensitive data (DLP - Data Loss Prevention).


Mandiant is a platform dedicated to support SOC teams, provided by American company under the same name. Its primary task is to help in measuring effectiveness of implemented security control systems, provide analysts with up to date information about cybercrime, attack vectors and successful recognition of publicly accessible assets owned by Client. Mandiant platform consists of three modules: Advantage, Attack Surface Management and Security Validation. Together they increase security, by identifying vulnerabilities in internal network (Security Validation) and external dangers (Attack Surface Management). Both are supported by data accessible in Advantage module, gathered thanks to Mandiant analysts.